You in me and me in you

Tease your sun upon my sea , soul's desire for you in me. Sparks that dance, then stars that see. Flood and fire set shadows free. Ooh, you in me and me in you. Oh... just pour me out and drink me in. Heave my earth and cry my wind. Matters not which wounds may bleed. Hearts to feel and hopes to need. Ooh, you in me and me in you. WHAT WOULD IT COST YOU TO LET ME LOVE YOU? TO FEEL THIS TIDE RIP, TO LET YOUR SHELL BE STRIPPED. TO LET WARM RAIN RUN RIGHT DOWN YOUR NECK. YOU'D BE PROTECTED, HOPE RESURRECTED. WE ARE PROTECTED, HEARTS RESURRECTED. YOU IN ME AND ME IN YOU. Oh... quiet sighs and quicker storms, faith and passion craving form. Shifting shadow shapes we hide - frozen ghosts reach from inside. CHORUS [AS ABOVE]. YOU IN ME AND ME IN YOU.