Zorah Staar's first "pagan pop" CD is full of radically uplifting music that bops you across the dance floor. Her second "The Goddess Bubble" CD has 20 songs from a wild new musical that's like "Avatar" meets "Mama Mia", but in real life! and on a freaky rainforest island in the Pacific Northwest (see "What's New" for more info about the award-winning screenplay for the musical).

Zorah is currently offering both CD's through this website for the price of $15 U.S. funds each, plus shipping charges of $3 (Canada), $4 (U.S.) or $5 (international), all in U.S. funds. You can make a secure CCNow credit card purchase of Zorah's "pagan pop" CD, and/or her "The Goddess Bubble" CD , or you can pay by cheque or money order

CCNow is a long-term and reliable online retailer used by Zorah's Pagan Pop Music for credit card sales, and fully supports our customer service policy of cheerfully refunding your purchase price if you choose for any reason to return one of our CD's. Once again, "What's New" has more about "The Goddess Bubble" CD. Zorah's earlier "pagan pop" CD includes the following 12 songs (plus see reviews below):

1. We are growing (3:49) 

pagan boogie fever
2. Story of my birth (4:30) otherworldly Celtic folk-rock
3. From near and far (4:13)  a passionate pagan piano love ballad
4. Nehalennia (3:41)  the dance club Goddess
5. Heart and soul forever (5:00) a folk song to all peoples (w/digeridoo)
6. Now I am willing (4:16) a gentle ballad about coming home
7. Spiral dance (3:04) an afro-celtic pagan extravaganza
8. You are alive within these walls (3:15)  Blue Rodeo gone pagan (wait for it...)
9. I am with you always (3:34)  a loving ballad from beyond
10. Come to me (3:34)  a folkie gypsy stomp about the elements
11. You in me and me in you (4:09)  a real Neil Young piner
12. I love them still (3:15) a family song for misfits


"A fun, fiery, deeply loving ride" (review by David K.)

"The music on Zorah Staar's Pagan Pop CD can instigate remarkable inner change. As the songs sink down into your heart and mind, you skin and bones, they inspire an intimate sense of wonder and open-hearted joy. From the deeply moving ballads to the funky, inspiring disco raves, Zorah's music invites us to remember our sense of value and vulnerability, and reinforces our endless relationship with the Universe. These songs heal, the lyrics calling out to us, invoking the desire to make friends with life. Zorah's rich, emotionally moving voice emerges from somewhere deep within her, melding and dancing with the brilliant musicianship of her band. For a fun, fiery, deeply loving ride through the Mysteries, this CD is the ticket."

"Zorah Staar and friends dish up great entertainment" (review by Kae Charman)

"A bright multi-coloured backdrop greeted fans eager to hear Zorah Staar's Pagan Pop CD release performance at the Pender Island Community Hall Saturday night. Staar entered humbly and sang Now I Am Willing, a recent work and a tribute to the people of Pender. Her gentle manner and lyric prose lulled us with peaceful images of acceptance and gratitude. Those of us who have watched Staar's progress over the past year were entranced with the addition of the band, Pender's own Adrian Schamberger and Kevin Willingham, joined by off-islander John Hildebrand, who amazed us with his syncopated rhythms. Staar easily connected with the members of the band and achieved what appeared to be a well-rehearsed dynamic emphasis. Story Of My Birth echoed with Schamberger's surreal guitar cries, Willingham's steady bass, and Hildebrand's tinkling cymbals, all melding under the lyrics. Pagan ancestry influenced what Staar termed her "pagan disco" numbers, We Are Growing and Nehalennia. To our delight and surprise, the energetic Spiral Dance reflected African/Celtic rhythms, and the awesome Come To Me melded earth, wind and fire into one. Clearly a rising star, this unassuming woman with a style all her own is one to watch."