Spiral dance

Ferns filling forests, meadow beds so gorgeous, green leaf and laughing life curled 'round itself. Seashells and beaches, where the wonder reaches, sweet fruits of life in spiral-perfect shapes. SPIRAL DANCE OF LIFE AND LOVE. AS BELOW, SO IS ABOVE. FERN, SHELL, CELL AND STAR. SPIRAL DANCE OF WHO WE ARE. COME AND SEE WHO YOU ARE. COME AND BE WHO YOU ARE. COME AND LOVE WHO YOU ARE. In busy bodies, biologic wanna-be's, mystic mambo twisting of D and N and A. Love is the frequency, living blooming harmony, turning out and turning on tiny cells so true. CHORUS [AS ABOVE]. Night-time sky now, hungrier to fly now. Could it be the stardust glowing in my bones? Fireflies and galaxies, circling ever so free, never-ending dance of round and round we go. CHORUS. Come and love who you are, come and love. CHORUS. Come and love who you are, come and love who you are.