[Note: Some of my pagan ancestors from Holland were called Frisians and Celts, and one of the names they called the Goddess was "Nehalennia."]

Ne-ha, Ne-ha, Ne-ha-lennia. Ne-ha, Ne-ha, Ne-ha-lennia. Goddess of my stormy seas, pounding waves to wash me free. Ancient voices, living drums, reaching now for greater ones. WITH BURNING SPIRITS AND QUESTING HEARTS, NE-HA, NE-HA, NE-HA-LENNIA. WE'RE REACHING OUT NOW TO MAKE A START, NE-HA, NE-HA, NE-HA-LENNIA. SO MANY SHINING WORLDS TO BE, NE-HA, NE-HA, NE-HA-LENNIA. LET'S START TO CREATE WHAT WE CAN'T YET SEE, NE-HA, NE-HA, NE-HA-LENNIA. Goddess watching human games, tortured history, secret shames. Sacred places, sacred names, healing when we each reclaim. CHORUS [AS ABOVE]. Goddess guardian through my woes, clues to how true powers grow. Spiral dance to what can be, holy, happy, loving free. CHORUS. Let's start to create it, let's start to create it, let's start to create it right now... [repeat]