We invite you to click on any of the 12 song titles below from Zorah Staar's "pagan pop"CD (Copyright 2000 Zorah Staar) to view that song's lyrics. (Lyrics from Zorah's latest "The Goddess Bubble" CD not yet available - see "What's New" for more info).

1. We are growing (3:49) 

pagan boogie fever
2. Story of my birth (4:30) otherworldly Celtic folk-rock
3. From near and far (4:13)  a passionate pagan piano love ballad
4. Nehalennia (3:41)  the dance club Goddess
5. Heart and soul forever (5:00) a folk song to all peoples (w/digeridoo)
6. Now I am willing (4:16) a gentle ballad about coming home
7. Spiral dance (3:04) an afro-celtic pagan extravaganza
8. You are alive within these walls (3:15)  Blue Rodeo gone pagan (wait for it...)
9. I am with you always (3:34)  a loving ballad from beyond
10. Come to me (3:34)  a folkie gypsy stomp about the elements
11. You in me and me in you (4:09)  a real Neil Young piner
12. I love them still (3:15) a family song for misfits
Zorah's "pagan pop" CD costs $12 U.S. to buy