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Song lyrics: From near and far

I see a mother forgotten by children. "Bright sparks on their way," is what she might say. But what if a spark lived and breathed in your heart, and then a rougher choice ripped them away? TRUER THAN A SHINING STAR, NO MATTER WHAT WE DO OR ARE, WE ALL LOVE, FROM NEAR AND FAR. AND WE'RE LOVED, FROM NEAR AND FAR. I see a father still lost in old lessons, his young ones loved hard - so said the kings of old days. But what if we all felt this warm shining love, and what if we all can light the way? CHORUS [AS ABOVE]. Mother and father with millions of children, and luminous, numinous names we could say. If we climb in your lap, you will hold us so close. But what if we just push you away? Reaching still to cradle us in love's own living well, Great God and Goddess, sacred ones - your love too deep to tell. CHORUS