Please go to "What's New" to see the description and credits for Zorah Staar's "The Goddess Bubble" live MUSICAL and soundtrack CD. Here now are the credits for the earlier "pagan pop" CD, all 12 songs of which were written and arranged by Zorah Staar (Copyright 2000 Zorah Staar, SOCAN), with additional instrumental arrangements from the amazing talents of:

Adrian Schamberger (Tracks 1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11)
bass guitar & electric guitar (including arrangements), additional hand drumming & percussion, didgeridoo (Track 5)

John Hildebrand (Tracks 1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11)
primary drums & percussion (including kit/hand drumming & miscellaneous noisemaking)

Caridwen Irvine (Tracks 2,3,11,12)

Paul Brosseau (Tracks 1,4,5,8)
synths, flute, shaker

John Law (Track 9)
acoustic guitar

Zorah Staar (Tracks 1-12)
vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, synths

"Pagan pop" CD produced by Zorah Staar (Tracks 1-12) and Adrian Schamberger (Tracks 1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11). Associate producer: Paul Brosseau. Engineering, mixing & mastering: Paul Brosseau, Nomad Music. Still photography: Kelly Irving (album & web site). Portrait photography: Juergen Raeuber (album & web site). Layout & design: Barnyard Grafix.

My greatest thanks go to these magically-gifted people, to my friends and family, to the many other supporters who helped this dream come true, and to the Goddess and God for helping me create and share this music. SPECIAL THANKS: to Mare, Lisa, and my family for giving me the best of your love and getting me grown up; to David K., Lorae, Lazaris and my Lazaris friends for starting me on my journey home; to Loren for invaluable support and listening to the same songs 7000 times; to Penny, Jenny, Mary Anne, and all at Womenfriends; to Sharon, Victor, Solomon and the people of Pender for welcoming and supporting me so lovingly; to Max for being the first to help my songs live and breathe; to Adrian and John for helping those songs explode; to Paul for his great studio expertise and patience; and to Colin for his many, many kindnesses, especially during recording.

Zorah's "pagan pop" CD costs $12 U.S. to buy