I am a songwriter and composer, singer and musician, screenwriter, community coordinator, and more.

I've created solo, live-theatre, and choral music. Starting in 2006, a major creative focus has been writing for the stage and screen (see home page for more about my live musical and screenplay, "The Goddess Bubble").

My other past work includes advocacy/counselling with disadvantaged groups, and working for a local government Trust that protects ecosystems.

Since 2010, my community non-profit work has included being the coordinator of a non-profit group that helps my island community to learn practical skills in order to become more sustainable and resilient (the Heartwood Folk School). This includes producing a related documentary film (Youth and Elders: Wisdom for a Brighter Future).

Spiritually, I'm a Goddess and God oriented buddhist, who respects the many paths to the infinite power of Spirit and our own spirits!