I love them still

I study her picture, her soft brown eyes smiling. How few or how many the chances to smile? This woman who once held my new life inside her - our ways have not matched for a while. I LOVE HER STILL. OUR DIFFERENT CHOICES CANNOT TAKE AWAY THE BEST WE HAD TO GIVE. HOW DO WE FIND A WAY TO LIVE WITH, AND WITHOUT? I LOVE HER STILL. I stare at his picture, his clear blue eyes shining. How young when he danced to his wedding day song? This boy who got married and raised up a family - our forces have clashed for so long. I LOVE HIM STILL... [CHORUS]. I hold the last picture, three young sisters playing. How few or how many the chances to play? These girls who once pinched me and then pulled me closer - our struggles have kept us away. I LOVE THEM STILL... [CHORUS].